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When you search farms for sale in Australia you will need to search on a number of different online platforms. Some websites are built with search functions that allow you to find farms for sale outside the main town area, you can also search by the type of property you are looking for e.g. horse property for sale, cattle station for sale or you can search via region. When buying a farm for sale it may either be advertised as a rural property for sale by the owner or a business agent. If the property is over 25 acres it will have to be listed for sale with a special real estate agent who has a stock and station agents license (in NSW see Fair Trading). 

Australian farmers and graziers own 135,997 farms, covering 61% of Australia’s landmass ( There contantly a number of farms for sale in Australia and BuyAcres has a number on sale looking for genuine buyers. Our top three agricultural products are Cattle, Wheat and Milk.

Jurlique farm in Adelaide Southern-Australia




"The total value of Australian agricultural, fisheries and forestry exports is forecast to be around $39.5 billion in 2012-13." Department Agriculture and Fisheries

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The Australian farmer has a number of resources available to help them understand the farming Industry. The National Farmers Federation is the national body that represents farmers and agricultural businesses across Australia. It is a great resource to understanding the advances that are being made to support farmers and how they are striving to assist farmers to meet economic and natural challenges.  Get Farming Australia is a free information and referral service for all farmers. It distributes over 50,000 newsletters a month to farmers and associated business people.  It provides some great information for people looking to buy farms for sale and what your particular industry is currently experiencing. 

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