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Rural Real Estate Agents Advertising 

BuyAcres was established in 2006 as a specialised Farm for Sale and Acreages for Sale website. BuyAcres is different to many other websites as we are NOT POSTCODE BASED!! This means acreages and farms found 20km outside the major town can be found in our regional and map based search (currently updating map system). We want to welcome on all rural real estate agents and give you the opportunity to experience the BuyAcres difference in selling a farm or acreage. We are the owners of a similar business for sale website which has been operating over 12 years, with 30+ business brokers, 3,500+ listings. 


Current Offer:

4 months FREE Advertising Trial 
No cost or obilgation to continue after trial period

$300 per year - unlimited listings after the trial. 

XML feeds available, please contact us to request pricing

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